Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm Going To Vent

I'm going to vent. I try to keep my posts upbeat and about something others may have interest in, but not today.

What could have me so upset?

Did the kids use my favorite lipstick to color the dog's nose? Nope.

Did the chickens stage a "coup", trampling me when I went out to feed them this morning, and digging up all my flower beds? Nope.

I received an email. From a jerk. Regarding an ad we placed on Craigslist on Monday (five days ago). We are trying to sell our older mower conditioner because we got a really good deal on a newer one and we no longer need the old one. We have owned it for about a year and used it this summer.

So, you ask, what kind of email would someone send about such an ad that would upset me?

Here is what he wrote.

Now if you would of taken care of your equipment that hay conditioner would have already been sold. I personally have never seen more of a run down piece of equipment, It looks like you use it as a planter lol.

What?! Does this person know that we bought it used in this very condition? Does he know that we shed ALL of our equipment and do routine maintenance on ALL of our equipment? Well, he does now. Here was my response.

We bought it used a year ago and the condition is unchanged from when we bought it. We keep our equipment shedded and properly cared for. It runs and is in good working order. I have seen plenty of equipment in worse condition. Not everyone can afford new equipment and this is a good place to start. Old equipment is old. This ad is less than a week old. I find your email quite nasty and unkind and you can’t sugar-coat it with a “lol”. I would be careful how you respond to craigslist ads as I have flagged your email with craigslist as “unwanted/ inappropriate”. Too many and you may be banned.
I hope I was not stooping to his level. I'm not sure I could have gotten back up if I'd gotten that low. LOL! Now that is how you properly use "lol". After something funny. Not after something rude, unkind, and not at all humorous.
Hey! I turned this post around to something useful--" How to properly make use of LOL".
Thanks for listening and have a great weekend, everyone! 

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