Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Single-Use Soaps For Fall

I came across a neat soap project when I was ordering supplies for my big soap order. Yesterday I had the time and energy to try it.

Now back to the show.

First, I had to download and copy a sheet of fall leaves onto water disolvable paper.

Then, I had to meticulously cut out each leaf. I would get about three done a day as my arthritis wouldn't allow me to do more at a time. When I cut them out, I needed to leave a "tag" or "handle" on it. You'll see why in a moment.

Next, I melted some melt and pour soap base and put scent in it. I chose Orange Spice. Such an uplifting, fresh, fall scent. The scent also added a bit of color to the clear soap base.


Now for the fun. I took a leaf and held it by the "handle" and dipped both sides into the melted soap. Then I just laid it onto a piece of wax paper to dry. 

After it dried, I peeled it off the wax paper and cut away the handle and any extra soap from around the leaf. Peeling it off the wax paper gave each leaf a bit of curling that looked so natural. I also had a bit of soap base left over so I poured it into a pumpkin cupcake mold.

I think the combination of the pumpkin and the leaves would make a really pretty set of soaps in a guest bathroom.

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