Friday, January 27, 2017

Don't Mess With The Boy's Food, President Trump!

I don't put political stuff on my blog for several reasons. The main reason is that I'm fragile and don't want people to say mean things to me. Another reason is that there just isn't anything good to say about politics most of the time, regardless of which side of the isle you stand.

But I'm breaking my silence today. This time it effects my son.

The Boy was eating breakfast and listening to the morning news I was watching. The story came on about Trump building the wall between the U.S. and Mexico. He perked up and listened intently to get the facts. Once the story ended, he declared the wall to be a terrible idea.

I was curious as to his reasoning and so I asked him. He tells me that if we build a wall between us we won't have Mexican food anymore and he really likes Mexican food. And, being mom of the year that I am, I don't correct him. I just listen as he talks on. Then he asks me, "Mom, can you drive to China in a car?"
"No, you can't drive to China. There's an ocean between us."
"Good," he says. "I wouldn't want them to build a wall and keep us from having Chinese food. I love Chinese food!"

And there you have it. My boy takes a stand on politics. Don't mess with the Boy's food, President Trump!

On a related note- the boy and food- here is another snippet.

Last fall the kids decided they wanted to go to public school. That's a story for another day. However, one of those first days I went up with him to the library. We were waiting on Sissy to finish a project so he went and got a magazine to look through. He sat down with it for a second, flipping the pages. Then he jumps up and rushes over to me. "Mom! This magazine has food in it!"
"Well, yes, it's a cooking magazine."
"But you don't understand. There is food on every page! This is the most awesome magazine ever!!"

And there you have it. If you understand my boy's love for food, you understand him completely.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Christmas Present???

I looked out the window today and saw Daisy building a snowman. What? Daisy is our dog. What is she doing out there? I saw her pushing snow up into a pile. A rather big pile. 

Her black face was almost completely white as she was using her nose to push the snow around. The pile got to be pretty tall. it was taller than the top of my muck boots.

I thought at first that it was her raccoon. She has been carrying a dead raccoon around, playing with it.

I decide to go out, with my camera, for a better look. As I stepped off the porch, I could see it was not the raccoon since it was laying in the yard.

I asked her what she had. Ohhhhh, she was excited! I walked over to her pile while she circled me. I took my boot and cleared a bit of snow from the pile. Then, I saw it. An orange leg. It was a dead cat she got from the ditch. Yuck! We have more dead animals and animal parts in our yard, driveway, and porch.

I guess if the kids aren't going to be out playing with her, she'll entertain herself! I kept asking her what she had. She usually likes to show off her finds.

But then I said it was a kitty. She hung her head because she knows not to mess with our kitties. The more I asked, "What did you do, Daisy?", the more her eyes narrowed.

I guess it's just too cold to bury anything so she'll just hide it in a pile of snow!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Lights

As promised, here are some pictures of our lights at night.

 This next one is our old iron tractor wheel. These lights lasted all of one night before half of them went out. They were new, too!

These next pics are of a little cabin front I built a few years ago. I built it wonky and thought it would only last a year at most. Well, it's still up. I love decorating it for the different seasons and holidays.

And that's all of them. I hope you all are enjoying your holiday festivities!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Do You See What I See?

Yes, it's another post from me!! It's been quite awhile. I'm not even sure anyone is still out there to notice I'm alive and kicking.

It's been unseasonably warm this year. I was out putting up some outdoor Christmas decorations and found these little guys just soaking up the sun.

A lot has happened since I last posted. This is one of our latest additions to the farm. I saw it at a farm on our way to an auction a few weeks back. On our way home, we stopped and left a note with my number on it. The note just told the owner we were interested in buying the truck if they were interested in selling it. Long story short, they just gave it to us! Mr. Farmer went the next weekend and picked it up. There's not much left to it- no front axle, not much of an interior, etc.- but I love the look of it. Based on the design, we think it's somewhere between a 1949 and 1951 GMC dually farm truck. This is it the morning after we brought it home.

This is it with its Christmas wreath.

Here are a few more outdoor decorations. The lights aren't very visible. Maybe I can get out there to take some pics when the sun goes down. 

Well, I'd better save some things for another post!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Baldies Out Front

Update: This post was written this past winter and then I forgot about it. I just wanted you to know that we do not have snow on the ground currently nor have we had any recently. Of course, this is Iowa and it could still happen!

We have had an increase in bald eagles around here lately. The other day as we were sitting in the living room, we saw a bald eagle swoop down to the road out front and attempt to pick up a dead rabbit. The rabbit was dropped and the eagle circled above. Then, another bald eagle started circling.

I wondered if it was a pair or two rival eagles. I had no idea if the female and male eagles looked the same so I did some research. It turns out that the males and females look the same except the females are usually larger. And the further north you go, the larger the birds get on average.

So, in the extensive research of the subject, I still have no idea if it was a pair of baldies out front or rivals. BUT, I know it could be either one.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bye-Bye Buddy

 Our beloved dog, a true part of our family, was hit by a car this morning and had to be put down. It's still too painful to talk much about it. He was such a special dog.

His eyes were what first drew me to him. He had a way of using those beautiful, brown puppy dog eyes to weasel his way into your heart. He had the softest ears, too. But his ears were sensitive and he didn't like them messed with much.

He loved being outside. But if it was windy, he liked to come inside. And if it was cold, he liked to be inside. And if it was rainy, he liked to come inside. And if he was just feeling lonely, he wanted to be inside. He loved being with his family!

He kept the farm in order. He didn't like critters in the yard, big or small. He was a great watchdog and we felt safer with him here. He was a quiet companion when you just wanted to sit and be still. Buddy was such a joy to watch when he was just being a dog. He raced- not chased- the mailman every single day. And he always won! Buddy was spectacular to watch when he would catch a scent of an animal and race top speed after the scent. Or when he chased rabbits. He was an amazing dog!

Our special Buddy will be greatly missed.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Baby And Her Daddy

This is what my Baby used to look like when she was on her Daddy's lap.

This is what my Baby looks like now when she sits on her Daddy's lap.

Oh how things have changed!