Monday, December 23, 2013

Come Play With Me

The kids went outside the other day to play in the snow. They went up into their tree house. Buddy couldn't get up there. So he waited.

"I know they're up there. I wish they'd come down and play with me."

"What's this? I see movement."

"Be careful, Baby. You can't play with me if you're hurt."

"This isn't quite what I had in mind."

Monday, December 16, 2013

Art and Friendship

Baby was writing a letter to a friend and wanted to send a picture she had colored along with the letter. She brought it to me to show me.

Can you read that? It says, "You are 99.9% sweat." I'm proud she tried to sound it out. And I didn't laugh even once. While she was around anyway.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Request From An Aunt

Lately I have been asked by a wonderful, most special aunt that I post something. Anything. She likes my blog for some reason which is beyond my understanding. I think it may give her things to make fun of me for. Like she needs more ammunition. I'm a dork. And I don't hide it well. In fact, I don't even try to hide it.

Anyway, she wanted a post done on our Christmas tree. We went on our annual family trek to get our snowman ornaments. These are the ornaments from this year.

The Boy's

Mr Farmer's and Mine. Mr Farmer made them hold hands. ☺

Sissy's. Sshhhh, don't give away her name.

Baby's. It has red and blue led lights that flash and light up the "ice".

And finally, our tree.

All our presents are bought, mostly online, and the kids are dying. I still have to wrap most of them, though. Our one and only party was last weekend. Mr Farmers employer paid for a nice dinner and overnight stay at a nearby resort. It was a fun weekend!

Are you getting prepared for Christmas?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Pretty Antique Silverware

While making cabinet handles for my kitchen, I came across and purchased many different pieces of old silverware. Each design is so pretty that I decided to show a few to you.

Some of them are actually worn away with use. It makes you realize that older generations didn't just throw away things as they began to wear or even before they began to wear. They used them and that gives us the beautifully aged pieces to look at and admire today.

I love antiques. I love to dream about the days when they were used. The excitement someone may have felt when they bought them new. The hands that used them, cleaned them. The homes they came from. It always makes me feel quiet and at peace to think of these things, almost a hazy dream.

Anyway, here we go.

I also like to see things that were once used commonly, but are no longer.

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of these with me.