Friday, May 31, 2013

Redneck Fun

I know I've done a lot of posts about our Memorial weekend, but  I could never have fit all the fun and photos in one or two posts.

This post is about some redneck fun some of the other campers came up with. And had we not just cleaned up and dried off from the creek, we would have joined in, too.

First was the mudslide.

And next, was the ride they made with a found piece of plywood. They came across the plywood by the creek and decided to ski on it. they hooked a rope to it and to the back of a Razor and pulled the skiers.

 Maybe next time we'll join in.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Flower Gardens--2nd Post For The Day

When I looked out the window today, I saw that I had some painted daisies blooming. I didn't even know they were growing yet!

My hardy geranium is huge this year.

Asiatic lilies and hostas on the side of the house.

A couple of chickens in the gardens.

A couple of varieties of peonies. The bushes are huge this year!

My red variegated weigela.

My rose bushes are the fullest I've ever seen them with buds.

Baby's lone flower she had to buy with her own money and  plant by herself. 

The Trails

It's hard to describe the beauty of this park. And you get to ride right through it.

There is a large, beautiful creek and a trail that runs along its banks. It has small caves, rocks, and gorgeous trees.

The trails go through lots of timber, up steep hills, between trees and through the mud.

The danger sign was because the trail went so close to the edge of a cliff that dropped down to the creek.

The photos don't do these trails justice! We often would just turn off the engine and sit and enjoy the sounds of nature and the beauty around us.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Garden Update-- Post Two For The Day

While I've been gone having fun, my gardens have shot up.

First up are my vegetable/fruit gardens. The chives are very pretty, if a bit windblown.

I have a bunch of green peppers. There are little peppers on all of my plants!

I have several kinds of herbs.

My sugar snap peas are getting tall.

My new strawberry bed looks good and the plants are already producing itty bitty little strawberries.

My tomatoes are flowering. I'm growing Oxheart, Mr, Stripey, and Pink Brandywine. I also have a cherry variety, Sweet 100. There are several other varieties because the Boy thought I needed some for Mother's Day.

This plant came as a volunteer in one of my tomato pots. I have no idea what it is.

This is a volunteer that came up with the compost.

In all my vegetable gardens except the strawberry, I plant marigolds.

Tomorrow I will show you my flower gardens.