Friday, January 27, 2017

Don't Mess With The Boy's Food, President Trump!

I don't put political stuff on my blog for several reasons. The main reason is that I'm fragile and don't want people to say mean things to me. Another reason is that there just isn't anything good to say about politics most of the time, regardless of which side of the isle you stand.

But I'm breaking my silence today. This time it effects my son.

The Boy was eating breakfast and listening to the morning news I was watching. The story came on about Trump building the wall between the U.S. and Mexico. He perked up and listened intently to get the facts. Once the story ended, he declared the wall to be a terrible idea.

I was curious as to his reasoning and so I asked him. He tells me that if we build a wall between us we won't have Mexican food anymore and he really likes Mexican food. And, being mom of the year that I am, I don't correct him. I just listen as he talks on. Then he asks me, "Mom, can you drive to China in a car?"
"No, you can't drive to China. There's an ocean between us."
"Good," he says. "I wouldn't want them to build a wall and keep us from having Chinese food. I love Chinese food!"

And there you have it. My boy takes a stand on politics. Don't mess with the Boy's food, President Trump!

On a related note- the boy and food- here is another snippet.

Last fall the kids decided they wanted to go to public school. That's a story for another day. However, one of those first days I went up with him to the library. We were waiting on Sissy to finish a project so he went and got a magazine to look through. He sat down with it for a second, flipping the pages. Then he jumps up and rushes over to me. "Mom! This magazine has food in it!"
"Well, yes, it's a cooking magazine."
"But you don't understand. There is food on every page! This is the most awesome magazine ever!!"

And there you have it. If you understand my boy's love for food, you understand him completely.