Thursday, June 28, 2012

She Thinks My Tractor's ....

The Great Iowa Tractor Ride is this week. Over 750 tractors from all over arrive in one place and have a huge ride through different towns. This year the ride goes through towns around here. The above tractor was the funniest with its sign proudly posted on the rustbucket and old men hanging on it.

 There were tractors of every color. In fact, there were so many it was almost overwhelming.

Here is a really cool one painted as a memorial.

The  machines came in all sizes and shapes. And their seats did, too.

And there were tractors from all over the country. I found some from Washington, Texas, and North Carolina.

Look at the size of these tires as compared to my Baby.

We also found some that looked nothing like your typical tractors.

And now a couple of my favorites.

And finally, there were decorations on several. Baby noticed all the bows and pretty flowers, but our favorite was this.

   Before you email me, those are monkeys and not small children. Small children are encouraged to sit in seats not be hung on the canopies. Although, if I had a large family, I might be tempted....

I am one of those women who loves tractors of any shape, color, or size. I am partial to the red ones as I think the colors are prettier, but my tractor is an orange Allis Chalmers 190 and we have old JD haying equipment. We also have two red ones, both Farmall- an old one and a new one. Mr. Farmer thinks we need a tractor for every attachment we own so he doesn't have to switch equipment. I'm ok with that.



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