Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This Week's Madness

The gardens have been in full madness mode lately. This is just some of the produce brought in this week- mostly on one day! The cucumbers are just going nuts. I think we're set for pickles for the next year or more! I also pickle large slices of zucchini so we can have a single pickle on a hamburger. Works out great.

Here is a close-up of the longer, bigger cucumbers (18 inch) versus the smaller typical ones. You can see the difference and how many less seeds the longer ones have. The one on the far right is the regular type.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bigger In Iowa

I planted a few new varieties of vegetables this year. And I am very pleased, to say the least. 

First up is a new radish. I bought it in bulk and can't remember the name, sorry. Because of the wet start to the season, I asked if the greenhouse would recommend anything so late. They said this one would be good for warmer weather and said no matter how big it got it would not turn" woody or hot." I have to agree. Below is one of the average radishes we pulled. It tasted sweet and delicious.

Next are the cucumbers. I asked the greenhouse what they recommended for cucumbers for pickling. They were almost afraid to mention the one they used as it was "rather expensive". It came in a packet of very few seeds and was priced at about a buck and a half (hardly expensive in my opinion). I believe the variety was "Green Ice". The lady said that they would have few seeds, not turn sour regardless of their size, and were good for pickling. I agree on all three accounts. They are averaging between 16 and 18+ inches long and quite thick, but less seed than you'd think. They remain sweet at this size. Sliced up, they are a nice size for pickling. And they are very prolific! This picture is just one picking!

They were even bigger than the zucchini (in the next photo and darker green than the cukes) I picked! This photo, plus another nine large zucchini, lots of sweet, delicious cherry tomatoes, and another meal's-worth of green beans are this week's pickings. The tomato plants are huge and full of green fruit. I'll try to remember to do another post on them. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Is Pot Legal In Iowa?

I think this kind is.

It's a cute enamel-coated pot. I've never seen one painted like this.

I also came up to the door to find a cute rubber bucket. Actually it's what's in the bucket that's so cute.

Sasha is one of our three cats. She's so sweet!