Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hay Now!

Today was a day spent in the hay. If you've never smelled good hay, you are really missing out on something. 

First, I decided to clean out the chicken coop. By myself. This is usually a family event but I wanted to do it by myself. There's something so good about doing physical work and finishing the job.

And there's nothing better than walking into a clean coop and breathing deeply the fresh smell of hay!

The girls are so happy. They have new hay to scratch through and fluff. Sometimes they completely disappear under it as they look for goodies.


Before I got the fresh hay put in, our hay buyer showed up to load hay. I had no idea he was coming so I was glad that I got out of my pajamas this morning! Not that I would have cleaned the coop in my pjs. Probably. Why, what have you heard?

So off I went to help load out 75 small square bales. That's all we had left for the year. As much as I love putting up hay and the smell of hay, I don't really like to load or touch it. It makes me itch and itch and sneeze and itch some more. But I get paid real money for this itching and sneezing, so I do it happily.

So now our hay stack is gone, my chicken coop is clean, and I have a check for real money. I'm not sure which one of these things makes me happiest. Probably the clean coop.

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