Monday, November 19, 2012

Fruit Leather

Since I had the dehydrator out the other day, I decided to make some fruit leather. This is otherwise known as a fruit roll-up. Did you know you could make you own? You can do it without a dehydrator, too.

First, I took some apple/pear sauce I had canned. I wanted it to be thicker, so I cooked it over the stove for a bit. Then I added some frozen blueberries to it and put it through the blender to mix it well. Then, I put it in a jelly bag and hung it for a bit to remove even more liquid.

Next, I spread the mixture onto my fruit leather sheets that came with the dehydrator. I also spread some on a piece of parchment paper covered with plastic wrap. I turned the oven onto its lowest setting (which is 170). I put the others in the dehydrator at highest setting for a couple of hours until dry.

Then, I just cut them into strips, peeled them off, and put them on wax paper. Finally I rolled up the wax paper and leather. 

I can't wait to make more with other types of fruit.

Try it yourself one of these days!

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