Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm Smokin' Today!

One of our favorite things to eat is smoked pork loin. Or smoked roast. Or smoked chicken. Or smoked fish. Or smoked ribs. We are smokers, but not in the "black lung" sense of the word.

We bought our Weber smoker a couple of years ago and absolutely love it. The day we smoked this time was a beautiful, sunny day. We were outside working on our pantry project. This meant that we got to smell the aroma of smoking meat all day. There is nothing like that smell!

Mr Farmer went out to start the smoker, while I got the meat ready.

I made a rub for the pork loin and massaged it in. Then I took it out to the waiting smoker.

After placing the meat on the smoker, we put the lid on and walked away.

After a couple of hours, we removde the chicken and ribs. They aren't as thick and are done earlier.

I placed the ribs in the crock pot with some bbq sauce. Then, we ate the chicken for lunch in the form of delicious chicken sandwiches.

Once the pork loin got up to temperature, we took it inside, too. After it cooled for awhile we ran the pork loin through the meat slicer and packaged it up for the freezer. This meat makes perfect sandwiches. I also used some of it cut up and put on our nachos for supper one night.

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