Friday, April 26, 2013

A Bouquet For Mom

Every summer my kids bring in bundles of wildflowers found out in the pastures and fields.

The boy is the best at arranging them. Go figure.

Have you ever seen milkweed look so pretty?

I have allergies, but I don't want to hurt their feelings or prevent them from giving from their hearts, so I endure the sniffles and headaches. They are pretty in a very country way. I really do like them. I just wish my sinuses did too.

However, we have had a late spring this year. The wildflowers are later blooming. So, imagine my surprise when Baby brings me a full bouquet of "flowers". She's holding them behind her back and says, "I brought you something, Mommy. Please don't throw it out!" And then followed it with those sad puppy eyes reserved for just such an occasion. She pulls them from behind her back.

"Tada! I'll even put them in a vase for you, Mama."

Oh dear! Flowers have never looked so much like weeds to me! Now I'm "dupped up and diffling".

Happy spring and may you, too, get flowers of love.

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