Friday, April 12, 2013

A Math Question

Baby comes up to me and asks, "Mom, I have one thousand dollars and another five hundred. How much do I have?"

Excitement rises in me. Somehow my Baby has come into riches. My kids have always gotten complete strangers to give them money wherever they go. Because of this, I'm hoping Baby has finally found a rich old man who decided to give my kids all his money before he dies.

I look around for The Boy and Sissy, hoping they both had also met this rich, old man and had loads of cash. I spot them both on the living room floor.

Playing Monopoly.

My dreams die.

The end.

Except they caught me taking the picture of them. They were worried I was taking a photo of them fighting. I told them I was only taking a picture of them playing the game. I was focused on writing my blog post and heard Baby say to one of the kids, " You're a troll." Hmmmm, I must have missed something good.

On a non-related and somewhat related note, Sissy was asked to tell me what change I would have gotten for a twenty if my bill was sixteen dollars. After answering incorrectly, and being shown up by both of her siblings, she replied, " It's summer break. I don't have to know math!" Her math teacher sucks and should be fired!

Yep, we only have to know things during the school year. That's going to be my attitude this summer, too. "Mom, what's for supper?"

"It's summertime. I don't know anything."

My summer just got great!

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