Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Day In The Life

Today was a fun day around here.

First up was school. Math was not fun with the Boy, but we made it through. Baby, however, was working slowly on her writing. I kept after her to focus. She replied one time, "I don't know what's wrong with me today. Oh wait! I know what's wrong! I don't have my thinking brain on. I just have my regular brain on."

I put a bunch of tomatoes in the crock. Granny taught me how to just cut them up and put them in, skin and all. Then use the stick blender to blend them up. They've been in all day and are looking and smelling delicious. I will be making more ketchup out of them.

Mr Farmer is heading to Wisconsin a couple of times this week, so I baked him a batch of his favorite chocolate chip cookies.

I also made 4 1/2 pints of wild grape jelly.

And we hosted some Olympian beach volleyball players. They played a few rounds in the front yard. The first question they asked was, "Who are you, China or Turkey?"

Then they donned their official volleyball sandals and grabbed the official volleyball.

Seeing as how so many of our world's players were busy over in London, they played with a skeleton crew. One player for the U.S. and one for the visiting team.

Something I'll bet you didn't know. Our farm has an official Olympic beach volleyball court. I know! I was shocked that someone would think to put one in way out here in the middle of nowhere, but here's the proof. See that branch? That's the net. And the lovely burnt grass is of similar color to sand.

The only problem is the branches tend to get in the way.

By the way, the U.S. won every game.

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