Friday, August 10, 2012

Something You May Not Know About Watering

Before you read any further, I must warn you. I kill insects and animals near the house that may pose harm to my family, animals, or gardens. It's a fact of life on our farm. If you have a problem with that, please go elsewhere. I will not approve nasty comments. Thank you and have a nice day.

Today started out beautiful. It is supposed to only warm into the 70s. The sun is shining. White, cumulus clouds dot the sky. A perfect day.

A day I was planning to take advantage of by running the mower to rid the lawn of weeds. After all, weeds are the only thing growing in the lawn this summer.  I thought I'd run the weed eater around the buildings, clean up the gardens a bit, etc.

I also had to run an errand in town that would keep me away from home for only a couple of hours. The kids got going on school to get as much done as possible before we had to leave.

I went out to the shop garden, pulled off way too many horn worms. Dispatched a nuisance raccoon. Picked half-eaten tomatoes. Put the hose in the pool to fill it up a bit. Went back inside to help with school.

At around 10, we left for town, ran our errands, and returned home around 1:00.

Eat lunch and start on some outside chores, was next on my list.

I start to make lunch and look out the kitchen window. And guess what I see.

Yep, the pool is overflowing. I had forgotten to turn off the hose before we left. Do you ever do such stupid things that you start to mutter to yourself and beat your head against the nearest hard object? Me, neither. I did however, berate myself and mutter quite a bit. I also called Mr Farmer and told him. You'd think he'd be used to getting these kinds of phone calls from me. He still likes to think that I'm not as blonde as I apparently am.

On a side note. As I muttered about how dumb I was, the kids heard me. They immediately jumped to my defense telling me how beautiful I was and that I'm not stupid. They even told me they still love me even if I make mistakes. Just when I think I've failed at parenting, the kids go and do that!

Lessons I learned today:

1. My kids can still melt my heart.

2. Horn worms make a huge mess if squished between two pavers. Make sure to step back.

3.Over filling your pool is not the most cost-effective way to water your lawn, though it may be the quickest.

4. And, as Mr Farmer pointed out to me, putting that much water in the pool is not good for it.

On the plus side, the pond (downhill from the pool) is filling up quickly! :)

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