Monday, August 6, 2012

My Nailacure

Today Baby asked if she could give me a "nailacure", you know with those thingies you put in your ear? I agreed that she could do it and she set to work.

She gathered her tools: cotton ball, cotton swab, and cotton square.

Also grabbed were a tub of warm water,  her nailacure bench, and her manicure set.

I'm not sure where the girls got the idea for this, but they've done it for years. They like making the nails look shiny with the water.

 It is very relaxing.

Anyway, she set right to work. For about two minutes. Until her sister turned on a PBS show on the computer in the other room. She hadn't seen this one before.

 (Let's pretend her hair doesn't always look like she just came in from a windstorm. Even though it does. No matter what we do. Always!)

  So she disappeared, leaving my feet barely started and still quite ugly.

She promised to be back later to finish the job.

I'm still waiting. Unrelaxed. Ugly-footed.  I really need to lower my expectations when it comes to the kids and their promises of making me beautiful!

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