Monday, August 27, 2012

Take A Seat

We eat most of our meals at the counters in the kitchen. 

The kids eat at one counter.

And we eat at the other. 

Under these counters are our saddle seat bar stools. We have had these old ones for about 7 years. The kids have taken their toll on them. The other day, the first one gave up the ghost.

On a related note, a local chain, Pamida, is closing our local store. Everything is being sold off. I have had my eye on a certain set of bar stools since the announcement of the store closing. The sales have been slow, inching up over several months.

Finally, I saw the sign say "everything up to 80% off." Would my stools still be there? Would they be at the 80% or just 25%? I called in. They were marked at 60% off. Super! Now they were only $23.99 .

Next, do they still have five of them?

NOPE! They only have four, including the shelf model. I ask them to save them for me. I'd be in the next day to get them.

Now I had to call another local Pamida store (one not closing) and see if they carried the same model. They did! And they were marked at 50% off, so I only had to pay $29.99!

I had a big day of running. First, Baby and I needed to go to the doctor. We both have sinus infections. Sniff sniff.

Second, home to get school done. Study quick.

Third, off to town one to get my hair cut. Snip snip.

Next, pick up prescriptions. A spoonful of sugar and we're off.

Then, pick up the first four stools. Loaded and on our way.

Next up, pick up the fifth stool in another town. Driven and done.

Now, off to yet another town for my diabetic eye check up. I need glasses. I am slightly far-sighted. It was bound to happen eventually. All of my siblings and parents have glasses and have had them for quite a few years. I really lucked out to not have them for this long. 

And get this! The very tactful doctor said, " You are getting to the age when your arms need to be longer in order to read without the help of glasses." Or something like that. The age!?! The AGE!?!

Actually, he's right. My arms are getting shorter every time I have to read something. And I have to keep telling Mr Farmer to back up after kissing me if he wants to talk to me. I can't focus when he's so close. And not in the good way! (wink wink)

And finally, after a quick shopping adventure to give my pupils time to return to normal before driving, we drove home. Zoom zoom.

A long day. Over.

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