Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Barely Moving

It was an exciting, fun trip. It was also an extremely tiring trip.

Since we have had no rain this summer, the 4-wheeling was very dusty. When we went out riding, Mr Farmer would  go out first, then the kids on their atvs, and then me. I ate a lot of dust. I had to break out the goggles in order to be able to see at all. 

By the end of the weekend, 4 of the 5 in my family had serious sniffles and sore throats due to the dust. Some in the other groups were having nose bleeds and had never had them before.

 We stayed up late, got up early, and rode hard.  It was completely exhausting!
I will post pictures when I get them. My friend had her fancy camera and took pictures, so I left mine in the camper.

Mr Farmer said it was the most fun he has had in years. I think he had forgotten how to have fun. He just goes to work and then comes home and works around the farm. It was so good to see him enjoy himself!

Now I must tell you the downside to going to a place where there are other people and their toys. You come away wanting one of everything you saw. And you start to plan how to acquire each of them. And you begin to justify why you need them and how you would really be using them for working around the farm. Here is a link to what we are contemplating purchasing next.  Now, please help me figure out how it can be used here at the farm.

We rode in one at the park. We just walked up to the family that had it, no idea who they were, and asked if they would give us a ride. And boy did they ever! Those stinkers are amazing!! You don't feel anything you go over at all. They climb vertical walls, or as the owner of that one said, they go right up trees. He was climbing a hill and there was a turn in the trail part way up. There was no way to make the turn, so he went right up the tree in his way. Also, once when we were out trail riding with the whole group we stopped on the bridge to see if anyone was coming up the creek. As we looked down, there was a guy in his Razor climbing the bank. He was looking for a shortcut out of the creek. He drove up the cliff/bank about 40 feet over trees and brush. Right at the top he was stopped by something. We rushed over to help pull vines aside and move logs over a hole so he could squeeze through. He made it! I was just amazed!

We don't have any vertical climbing needing to be done here on the farm, but Mr Farmer is already planning to make some. I'm sure we could carry a bale or two of hay with it. Maybe throw a sack of chicken feed in the back. We could use it to check on the south garden. It would cut down on the drive time out back. See? I think owning one of these is essential to farm work. Thanks for helping talk me into it. Mr Farmer will be so pleased with you all.

On another note, Buddy kept the farm safe while we were gone. We came home to a dead raccoon in the front yard. Mr Farmer's aunt said he was so lonely while we were gone. Poor baby! He sure was happy to see us and Mr Farmer took him out for a run before putting his 4-wheeler away. It is so nice to have a dog that stays home and protects our homestead in our absence. And we are so blessed to have family that takes care of the animals while we are gone! Thank you "Auntie", we love you!!

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