Thursday, August 16, 2012

After The Break

We are headed out for our adventure. 

If you are reading this and thinking about coming over and robbing us while we're gone, let me warn you. We are having someone watch the farm and feed the animals. So, you might not want to rob us. Plus, we don't have anything of value. We took all the good stuff with us.

Please feel free to comment on other posts (or this fantastic one). The comments will be approved when I get back.

I will leave you with a few pictures.

 Here's a photo of me way back when. I'm the one in the middle. The other two are my sisters. This was taken the last time I was thin and young.

I don't know where I got this next photo, but it cracks me up.

And finally, a photo Granny sent me. I love this one!

Have a great weekend!

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